Good stories well told...

"People don’t want the meaning of life explained to them.
They want the experience of being alive."

– Joseph Campbell

The storyteller and his techniques should be transparent as we're immersed in experiences, and find ourselves in surprises of enjoyment, understanding and enthusiasm. Later, we might talk about moments of involvement and thrall, and how we were "moved." We might have understanding, and feel inspired, committed and motivated.

National award-winning filmmaker Cris Anderson's independent television work has aired to national audiences. The PBS documentary Visible Target, on the WWII Japanese-American evacuation and internment, (writer/producer/director) with John de Graaf, was called "wondrously well done" by the New York Times. It won national awards, and was shown in Congress prior to enactment of legislation. The novel and feature film, Snow Falling On Cedars, are based on some of the same historical events and characters that are included in Visible Target.

The Charlie Borden/Kevin Obsatz documentary Journeyman (story consultant) is about nurturing young men and guiding them to mature adulthood. It aired nationally and won national awards.

Deb Wallwork's documentary, Building a Dream: The Moorhead Stave Church, about the Norwegian stave church replica (script writer), aired regionally on Prairie Public Broadcasting and Twin Cities Public Television.

Cris is President and Chief Creative Officer of Cris Anderson Productions, Inc. He serves major corporations and non-profit organizations in finance, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, social services and the arts.

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